3k Carbon Fiber for Motorcycle Muffler End Cap

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BESTWILL COMPOSITE CO., LTD. supply Carbon fiber Muffler ,Muffler for Motor, Truck, Race Car applications, instead of many of the steel Muffler because of it’s advantage, Beautiful surface, lighter weight, Corrosion Resistant, High Temperature resins enable rollers to be used in all environments. Lable:Carbon fiber Muffler / Carbon fiber Silence/ Carbon fiber end cap/ Carbon fiber Clamp

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Bestwill composite Co., Ltd.Supply carbon fiber muffler, muffler for motor, truck, race car applications, instead of many of the steel muffler because of it's advantage, beautiful surface, lighter weight, corrosion resistant, high temperature resins enable rollers to be used in all environments.

Bestwill composite Co., Ltd.Supply the muffler with different types, round, taper, or triangle, know the ID and od of dimension, and usually have the molds in stock ready to make the silence when you place the order.


  Description of goods       Material   Working process Specification
Carbon fiber exhaust end cap 3k plain / twill woven carbon fiber RTM
Compression molding
Vacuum Bagging
As per the 3D drawing of the STEP file or the prototype made of other materials

Product Features:
 1.Application: Auto & Motorcycle, Exhaust, Machine, Sports, Medical and etc.
 2.Working Process:
  Vacuum Bagged  
  Compression Molding
  Bladder Molding
  dry fabric/prepreg
  3k twill/plain
  Customized requirement
 4.Finish:glossy, matte or mold surface
 5.Type : Replacement

Label:Carbon fiber mufflercarbon fiber silence/ carbon fiber end cap/ carbon fiber clamp

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