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BESTWILL COMPOSITE Co., Ltd. Supply Carbon fibre and fiberglass Paddles, there are many type of the paddles, Canoe paddle, Stand Up paddles, Kayak paddles and so on. We can supply many of the types, composite Paddles instead of many of the wooden paddles because of it's advantage, lighter weight, strong enough and easy to use. BESTWILL COMPOSITE Co., Ltd. Has a long term co-operation with such Paddle manufacturers, supply the paddle shafts, OEM for the paddle suppliers, We are developing the market in the world, we expecting there will be a chance to work with you in the further. Lable:Carbon fibre Paddles/ Composite Paddles/ fiberglass Paddles/ Carbon fibre Paddles

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This is the premier carbon fiber paddle. Features include a carbon fiber shaft, carbon composite blades. The smaller shape blade is designed for exceptionally quite, light and buoyant paddling. This is a paddle that will match your highest expectations. 



Shaft: Fit or Adjustable.

Surface: 3K carbon or Kevlar



Blade Length: 490mm

Blade Width: 200mm

Weight     : 630gs


Lable:Carbon fibre PaddlesComposite Paddles/ Fiberglass PaddlesCarbon fibre Paddles


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